Ways to Make Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

Extending the life span of your battery can be crucial, especially if you are away from where it is able to charge. It you are using your Smartphone like me you are disappointed if your battery is drained not after charging it long. Cell phones today do not deliver a battery charge from the box whether it is anything you got or an Android, iPhone Palm Pre. Here is some energy saving tips to help extend the time you get out of each charge on your telephone:


  • Reduce the Screen Brightness. In most situations, like indoors, you do not require the brightness on your display. Lowering the display brightness can save you a good deal of battery juice that is valuable.
  • Switch Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Keep off these services when you are not Using them they do suck your battery dry.
  • Use Black Backgrounds. White is a power intense shade and Uses much more energy so possible use colors. You may also Google in black at bGoog. Mobile telephones with screens have the savings showing electricity that is black with a few units.
  • Check Email As You Want It. Most modern mobile phones can check email automatically at some program that is configured or have it pushed into the phone. Once you want your phone running the longest these attributes can consume energy. Turn off them and check your email or expand the program to have the tests.
  • Turn The Volume Down. Just have your volume set as loud as you Want it when listening to music or watching videos as the louder it is the energy your battery’s draining.
  • Use Basic Ring Tones. The more your phone must do the more Power it is likely to use doing this. Your phone will die although advanced ring tones may seem.
  • Reduced Display Timeout. Establish the cheapest possible timeout for your after using it, mobile phone to switch off the screen. Switch off the display the telephone is used by you and do not let it auto turn off it.
  • Switch off your Mobile Phone. There may be extended times when you are Away from your cell phone or will not be answering calls and powering it saves power. You cannot get network services and will need to turn off it in case you know you will be out of scope. Power is consumed by phones when they are out of range trying to find a network connection.
  • Keep Your Battery Cool. Hot warmth is a battery killer inducing¬†nerdsmagazine Performance and may cause your battery damage. Avoid leaving your mobile phone.